May 22, 2010


If we were to see how a typical life around us goes, there are just a few instances in one's lifetime where one has to take potentially life-changing decisions. Rest of the time, the things that we do are mundane, uncomplicated stuff. Yet these mundane tasks are the ones that test our mettle. Its these little moments that define what we are and what we could be in our lifetime. Unfortunately, we end up assigning a lot of undue importance to the big moments and take the smaller ones for granted.

Life's short - made up of tiny little beautiful moments. Capture them. Live them well.

As Anton Chekhov puts it: Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.


Anonymous said...

Very well said sir.

“Suffer she did, each day aboard,
In gloomy wait for the anchor to plummet
and her schooner to kiss land,
For in her disquietude to pry on the unknown, she overlooked,
Each sunrise, each sunset, and a wooer’s avid peck on her hand.”

pandemonic scribbles.. said...

True. I believe in the power of Small. Each day brings a moment, an incident that stands apart, though insignificant in the years to come. These moments, if compiled, can be a guaranteed insight into oneself.

Balamani Menon said...
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