April 22, 2009

Changing partner!

After few years of loyalty towards Sony Ericsson, I bought a Nokia yesterday, the new E75. Ericsson has served me well over the years. Hope Nokia does the same. It better does, with the host of features this piece promises.

Still learning to use the phone and features! Will update my feedback soon.


Someone, u no ;) said...
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Someone, u no ;) said...

... and ya, "use it JUDICIOUSLY" remember somthing...?

this partner suits you and your personality very well
'nice jodi'
;) hehe

Vishal said...

The piece is awesome n looks really trendy....n m sure u wun regret changing ur partner.....do get ur doubts(if any) cleared on some of the new features and device handling -during, before or after the lecs....anytime...haha
jus kiddin!