February 11, 2009

One more year of wisdom

I turned 26 yesterday.. clap clap. One more year of learning, one more year of mistakes, one more year of decisions, one more year of joy, one more year of questions, one more year of wisdom has passed. The day per se was normal, as always. I do not remember a single birthday that I have really 'celebrated' in a big way. I have always wondered what's the entire hoola-goola about! What great has happened with my stepping on to this world! :)

Side effect of birthday is that I have to talk a lot more than a normal day. Calls keep coming and have to talk with the callers. I love them yet it becomes painful to keep muttering the same things over and over again. The questions are generic and so are the responses. What plans for today? How are you celebrating? What gifts did you get? Working or just enjoying today? A lot of these and more.

I do not feel any different after the birthday. I guess it will take another year to digest that am already a year older and by then I will turn one more year older and it will take a year more from there to realize I am another year older. Something like that. If I keep extrapolating it, I will really die a year younger than my actual age! Yippie..

If the above para does not make any sense to you, I have achieved whatever I wanted to. A lot of things happening with me recently have also not been making any sense. Not that I am complaining.

What have I been upto? Less reading, more sleeping. Less thinking, more wondering. Less work, more entertainment. Sometime last month, I had drawn up a list of movies that I wanted to see. So I 'ransacked' Rhythm House and bought a total of 7 movies. Out of those I have already watched Manorama Six Feet Under, Fashion, Dasvidaniya, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Welcome to Sajjanpur. Yet to watch Anuranan and Bong Connection.

Will be watching Luck by Chance, Dev D and Dilli 6 very soon.

February for me is a month of birthdays. Know many whose birthdays falls in this month. So every other day I am sending a mail/sms to the birthday boy/girl. I can see the Vodafone guys smiling. Wicked. Birthday related messages/calls must be subsidised. Government must do something. Somebody must do something.

I did not make any New Year resolutions thinking will make them on my birthday. Now I think I must do it at the eve of my quarterly birthday on May 10. Why? Coz I do not want to do it now, simBle.

To talk of the wisdom I gained over the last year, the most important was that everything around us are so very trivial and irrelevant. We over-estimate most things and situations. Most things do not deserve the attention we give. Especially people. We spend so much time and efforts for relationships/people and later regret it. That should not happen. We must invest time in relationships yet no expect so much that you will eventually regret it. All people are otherwise equal but for the attention we give them. It is so amazing if you detach yourself from your real self and just observe things happening with you. People and problems will seem very micro then. Try it. You will enjoy. Just watch yourself as if you are somebody else. Don't judge. Don't preempt. Just observe. It is fun.

I am amazed by the fact that there are people in this world who have chosen to love me unconditionally. It is such an amazing feeling. I can feel it with them, when I am with them, when I talk to them. People who likes me despite not having met for years. People who pray for me and hope the best for me. I know it because I can sense it. Telepathy or karmic energy, as they call it. And guys the same applies the other way. I am not very vocal about what I feel and think about you, but I love you. I have you in my thoughts very frequently. In some cases, I have not spoken to you for months and years. But that's so impertinent. I can feel you are happy with or without me. And that's what matters. Really.

So now you know why birthdays are so irrelevant for me. You love anyway. You care anyway. You bless anyway. You miss anyway.

I wish to see a much peaceful world. A much responsible world. Love is amazing and we must love everything and everyone. Let us preach it. Let us practice it. It is difficult but then so is life.

Do not wait for the next birthday to do something you want. Do what you want to each day. Birthdays soon would be quite a normal day.


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belated birthday wishes

Nilima said...

you are really an unpredictable man sometimes very childish & the next time very mature.But still we all love you the way you are & the way you enjoy yourself. There are many things i would like to learn from you i hope i can