February 23, 2009

Jai Ho!

I am so very proud of Rahman winning two Oscars. Though we did not really need any further testimony to his talent, yet coming in the form of Oscar is something special.

Also, many believe Slumdog is not the best work that Rahman has done. But no one can deny the fact that he truly deserves every centimeter of that trophy and evey bit of the accolades he has received.

An extremely talented person, he is sheer passion in a human body. It is not about the Oscar per se. It is about the journey that one man has covered in a relatively short time with pure talent, hard work and commitment. From the Bombay and Rangeela days to RDB and Dilli 6, each of his music score has accumulated into this wonderful moment where he is truly a global giant now. As they say, it is not the final blow of a stone-cutter that breaks a big rock, it is also the impact of all previous blows. Same is the case with this living legend called Allah Rakha Rahman.

Simply truly inspiring!

I sincerely wish him all the very best in his future journey. On the flip side, I fear (selfishly) this recognition could also mean that we might get to hear lot less of his work in our movies. Not that it matters greatly as to where his music gets used, still.


nikita..... said...

jai ho :)

Diviya said...

I don't dispute that Rahman is a genius. But he is also lucky to be present in the age of the Global Indian. Another time, another place, the Oscar might have still been a distant dream. We are living in truly different times.

Ren said...

Sir when are you writing next ???