August 16, 2008

Action packed fortnight

After about 12 busy yet exciting days, I have finally got some time off to write. Starting next week, again I am off for a couple of visits, professional and personal.

Starting 5th of this month, I traveled to Pune, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. 6 cities in about 7 days. I love traveling like this and enjoyed most part of these visits too. The only flip side is the toll it takes on your sleep. I am yet to catch up on the lost hours of sleep.

The new airports at Bangalore and Hyderabad are excellent, though relatively far-off from the city (both about 40kms). Hyderabad airport is amazing. It is simply huge, and since it's still new, clean and well maintained. With more than 35 departure gates, most flights manages to get an aerobridge which cuts a lot of time and is convenient. The shopping pockets within the two airports are excellent, something that Mumbai airport does not have.

Met a good friend in Bangalore. Had a good time albeit briefly. That reminds me, Bangalore traffic sucks. It is really annoying.

Met an extremely good person, who also happens to be a friend, in Delhi. As always, may GOD bless her. Some people in this world really makes me believe that despite everything, it is still a very lovely place to be in.

Back home, things were quite eventful. Celebrated our classes' prize distribution function on 15th August, as like every year. The preparations for the function takes a toll but the satisfaction that comes with a good event is gratifying. The enthusiasm of the students when they come up to receive their respective awards/prizes are amazing. One very primary reason why I love to be with them even after more than 4 years of doing the same thing. Success is a very strange thing. It can truly change people, both positively and unfortunately negatively too.

I have realized something over the last 2 years. It is very easy to fool people with displaying what you do not have. What appears on the outside is what matters in this world. To be given the status of being GODly is fairly easy here, and shockingly undeservedly. A really sad truth that I am still to come in terms with. There is a very specific reason why I am putting this down here. And there are also reasons why I will not elaborate further.

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