August 21, 2008

Off for a vacation... Biee!

I'm off for a week long break with couple of my closest friends to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Will be surely having some of the best moments of my life. Will be back with fresh thoughts... Till then, 5 questions that you might want to ponder about:

1. How much money is enough for someone to live happily?

2. If asked to choose one, would people prefer money or fame?

3. Why most educated people/couples still do not consider adoption as an option?

4. Why is the fear of stage/fear of public speaking one of the most prevalent phobias in this world?

5. Why is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?

Happy thinking! Do post your thoughts. Chow...


joamoo said...

1. Define happiness

2. will satisfy ur body....not ur ego(soul)

3. Because most of them have come across a phenomenon where adopted child(grown up) doesnt get attached with the couple's family culture....(Based on my review.....asked 6- 4 gave this reason)

4.Because of lack of in depth knowledge......rather caring too much abt (negative) public response at the beginning.

5.because one ignores the process of making of 'grass on the other side'.......we look at is as a package and our as with a bundle of positives and negatives!


Preeti Sharma said...

Questions that everyone would like to have perfect answers to, but perfect answers for these do not exist. Each of these is open to so many subjective interpretations.

Enjoy your holidays!

hariharan said...

1 People run behind money to be happy. So actually everyone is running behind happiness, money is just a means.

If happiness means to have a bungalow next to Amitabh Bachchan's bungalow then you need a lot of money. Its subjective.

There are people who have lots of money but little happiness. There are people who have lots of happiness and less of money.

2 Fame. Once I become famous I can use it to earn money.

3 because they dont think its an option. They are ignorant. feared of society.Biological child is proved to be having more attributes of the parents. Difficult to convince the parents.Also because its an option. I mean you give an option more often than not people dont opt.

4 Sabse bada rog kya kahenge log.

5 the excitement remains till you become the king. Once u actually become the king u want to do something different hence feel i shd have done what others r doing.

People understand the importance of the things only when they dont have. They take many things for granted which they actually have and which others want to have.

The grass on which one is standing has become dry and naturally the other side is greener

PS Very well written answers Akshay

jyo said...

1. money that can assure a secured future and fulfill present needs.
2.fame can bring money but money may not bring fame!! so i will prefer fame (here fame = Favorable public reputation)
3.i was born intelligent but education ruined may b adoption is not a preferred option !
4.its something which i myself cannot fathom abt....becoz i have it in tons !
5.the grass always appears greener on other side when u don't take sufficient care of ur green field.

Enjoyed thinking......waiting for ur musings sir !

U No Hoo said...

Loved your answers guys. Made me to think on few aspects relating to topics I raised. Pretty soon, I will write about what I think.

Take care...

Darshana Deshmukh said...

1. Any sum of money earned is always falls short to live happily, coz wants and desires also multiply alongwith the money one has, so any sum of money is always insufficient for being happy even for bill gates.

2. I wud choose fame.(and a bit of money too)

3. I dont really have an answer for third.

4.Fear of stage is most prevalent coz nobody likes critisism, even if its true.

5. Grass is greener on other side coz its light green on one side.
ha ha.....

Enjoy ur holiday...!!
Hav a gr8 time....

Anonymous said...

1. it depends upon how a person was nurtured....

2. rationale person would opt for money..

3. sad but true..... although we pretend to be mordern, we are still "conservative"...

4. people have fear of loosing respect, if they act or speak something wrong...

5. this is deals with the very fanous theory of "Forbidden Fruit Attraction"... the explanation is on the same grounds as Hari sir commented.... take example of G-Mail... first it allowed initial users to join in... later it announced that a person can only join if he is invited by another G-Mail user... moreover no. of invites that a person could make was also limited... so to get a g-mail invitation was considered as "prestige"... and later this became a threat to MSN and Yahoo...

avani said...

this is good food for thot..

1) only if one can fathom happiness..can u fathom its means to achieve.

2) I would chose money ovr fame if i really have to. It gives a sense of security and more importantly the freedom to do things your way. you r not bound by society once u have the power.(depends on how one chooses to expend it)

3) B'coz they are not truly educated :)) Bookish knowledge cannot determine the education of the person. It is acceptance and practice of what you have learnt that determines your true education.

4) B'coz of your self-consciousness. Fear that people are constantly judging you. If a person can accept however they are.. then one will never have such a fear. True example is the elimination rounds of American Idol:))

5)We tend to believe what appears on the surface..also, we don't learn to appreciate what good we have and are constantly comparing ourselves with others..hence the grass which probably is much more greener at our side..doesn't appear as green as on the other side.

happy vacationing in dharamsala..