July 1, 2008

Same old story

Just about two days of constant downpour and the city is already down and not-running. It happened last year, last to last year, the year before that, and the year before that, and the previous one too...

The usual pockets of the city yet again inaccesible. Trains down. Water-logging at key places. Almost every one have crawled back home after venturing out to attempt reaching offices/colleges.

Unfortunately, the same old story persists. Don't know for how many more years.

Oh yes, I should do something about it rather than just cribbing. Yaaaawn... see, have already started to do it.


hariharan said...

And all this with 15 per cent of the downpour as compared to july 26 2005

aarti said...

me 2 yaaaaawn!!!!
Seriously wen is this gonna stop..oh i hv the answer too..wen the rainy season goes.. lol

mandar.deodhar said...

Just watch this video:

India's New Anthem (Youtube video link)

Move ahead .. you'll always find people opposing you and following you. You have to decide who are important for you.