November 20, 2015

Right to forgive - is it the most important?

A Sufi saint, on pilgrimage to Mecca, having completed the prescribed religious practices, knelt down and touched his forehead to the ground and prayed: “Allah! I have only one desire in life. Give me the grace of never offending you again.”

When the All-Merciful heard this he laughed aloud and said, “That’s what they all ask for. But if I granted everyone this grace, tell me, whom would I forgive?”


Nilima ;) said...

Could Almighty be greedy enough like this to build their importance in the life of living creatures by not offering the wish only for against that wish it's own value in the eyes of others could be at stake!?

Sarah said...

We don't offend God, but people who are near and dear to us, God's own creation. If God forgives one he possibly can't forgive another!!!