February 22, 2014

A lousy start for movies in 2014

Year 2014 has not offered anything great on the movies front so far. Already two months down, and no movie has made me feel ecstatic to write about it. Now, that is as far as the bollywood movies are concerned. I had expected Dedh Ishqiya to be good, but it turned out to be boring. Even the legendary Madhuri could not replace the raw talent of Vidya Balan.

Highway too was a movie I expected a lot out of considering it was directed by Imtiaz Ali. Again, it was a decent movie but not as good as his previous ones. Aaliya Bhatt has done a good job in the movie. She has got a meaty role and she has not let it down.

I happened to watch few movies on DVD at home. Most of them turned out to be good. The most remarkable was Ship of Theseus. It is a brilliant movie that portrays the paradox trying to understand if a ship is destroyed completely and all its parts are used to make another ship, is the new ship the same as old one? And if we repair the old ship with new parts, which one of the two is the original ship now? Sounds odd but it is explored beautifully in the movie. Proud to see such a movie coming out of Indian artists.

Another interesting movie is Compliance. Released last year in US, it is based on real life events. It portays an incident where a person calls up a fast food restaurant, pretending to be a cop and instructs the supervisor to investigate a theft allegedly done by a female employee working there. As you keep watching the movie, you get increasingly frustrated with the turn of events. And to realize it is a true story makes you feel worse. Apparently a lot of people walked off the theatre, unable to tolerate the level of stupidity being done by the supervisor.

Both the movies are must watch. Get your hands on them asap.


Ravi Kumar said...

Ship of Theseus is a definite repeat viewing type. Profound and flawlessly layered.

If intense is what you like, please watch Incendies by Denis Villeneuve, a french/arabic film that I found to be both devastating and beautiful in equal proportions.

U No Hoo said...

Thanks for the comment and reco :)

Nilima ;) said...

Ship of Theseus is indeed an AMAZING movie... :)

supriya said...

felt nostalgic on reading your views on movies after a long time sir.
Always keep posting your views on different topics. Also eagerly waiting for your views on up coming election 2014.
Miss all the discussions use to happen in classes. :-(

rahul bhomia said...

Sir, have seen only 'Queen' this year so far as am due for finals in may. :-(

I liked it. It reminded me of English Vinglish at few places. But nevertheless, Kanagana stole the show single-handedly. It was a Kangana's movie right from the first frame.

Also the unusual and kinky humor worked in it's favour big time.

Warm Regards

shilpa said...

Watch Dr.Prakash Baba Amte...( First Father and Son who got padmashree and Dr.Prakash Amte is Ramon Magsaysay award winner...recently won Mother Terresa award).....May b u know them......