January 15, 2013

The mantra that wasn't

A great emperor asked his wise men to give him a mantra that could be used in any dangerous, fatal situation.

Clueless, eventually they went to a Sufi mystic who gave them a piece of paper and said, “This should not be opened unless there really is danger and there is no more hope!”

The king put the piece of paper under the diamond of his ring.

There were many moments when danger approached, but the Sufi had emphatically said, “Unless you feel this is really the last hope – that nothing can be more dangerous – do not open it!” Many dangers came and went, but the king always felt that he could face it, and that he was not yet at the end of his tether.

Finally, death approached, and the king had still had not opened the piece of paper. His wise men pleaded, “Please open it. We want to see what is there.” But the king said, “It is now irrelevant what is there; the mantra has worked upon me. Ever since I received this mantra, I have not felt any danger at all. Whatsoever the danger was, I have felt still more was possible, and I have remained unperturbed.” The king continued, “That Sufi is a wise man. I am not concerned about what he has written.”

After the king died, his wise men hastened to open the ring and pull out the paper. There was nothing written on it; it was a blank piece of paper. But the advice worked; the mantra worked.

P.S.: May be this is why many people, including "educated" ones follow the "advice" of any religious guru or prophet for success and well-being.

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