March 7, 2012

I am humbled

Warning: "Me talk" ahead :)

As I write this, the total page views on my blog has crossed 60,000 since 2009. And that is from 195 "followers" and others.

I am really humbled and thank you to each one of you for taking out time to read my musings.

I feel good :)

Keep writing and commenting!


Trishala said...

That is nice :)
Btw, just checked your blogger profile now. Indi(AA)doption (too) is your blog (too)? kab se?

U No Hoo said...

It is not my blog Trishala. I used to contribute to it but haven't done so for ages.

Athinker said...

Been reading your blog since 2010. Heard about it from school friends from commerce. the view-count speaks for itself, nice read! I like your contribution for others' happy reading!:)

ranjini.b said...

really nice writing sir.. keep posting..

Mayura Prabhudesai said...

hello sir
can I share some of your old writeups?