March 17, 2009

A simple conversation... again!

Well, yes. I had to write something more on my previous post. Something that I deliberately refrained from writing in my original post. I wanted to experiment something through that post. A style of writing which I think I have used for the first time. But going by the comments the post triggered, albeit few, it seems that I have failed in that style of writing. It was interpreted as a witty one, and perhaps that is how the post seemed like.

I did not intend at even an iota of humour in that post. The post was a very brash attempt to point out the disparities of this world, highlighted through the humidity and the air-conditioner stuff. They were mere metaphors. The post was an attempt to reflect on the ignorance of the two sides of this country and pretty much the world. The not-so-rich and the rich. The privileged and the not-so-privileged. The aware and the not-so-aware. The awakened and the not-yet-awakened.

The way the character explains his fight to beat the humidity and the matter-of-factly reply of the other character was hinted at the stark difference in the way they are. More importantly, the absence of understanding each other's point of view was an omission I intended. It is like being shown a world that you never thought existed. Fact is, a lot of us are those characters.

Alas, I failed in doing so. The very moment I started writing this post to explain the thought-process behind the earlier one, I have failed in the experiment! Yet, I enjoyed that post a lot and personally think it is one of the better ones/most original I have ever written. I repeat, me thinks so.

Happy reading! :)


Cheena said...

Sir, I forgot to add epithet for your sense of humour...
I intented to say 'Sarcastic' Sense of Humour... ;-)

Some one, you know said...

I think it's not only you who failed but even I failed to understand the post in the manner you wanted us to understand. Actually, I just went with the flow of the post & those "hahas" made me feel that its deliberately written in the humorous manner, whereas the case was totally opposite as you explained in this post that you were to explain us the harsh facts.
Thanks for letting us know that.
Since it was your first attempt of writting such kind of post,its even mine/ our first encounter with such kind of writeup. Really appreciatable effort & you said its totally your original then I must say that you did a fabulous job.
Only one request don't get disappointed and please continue writing such posts & do experiment such uniue techniques of writting. It also made all of us aware that such kind of articles can mean diferent than what they seems from its writing style.
I am sure next time you right something like this we will definately post something sensible and according to your expectations.

Sunil Pisharody said...

Hi Hari, though I had not put in any comment earlier, let me assure you that you have a reader who read thru the post the way you thought of !!

Through the simple post, you tried to bring out the ignorance of both the have's and have-nots... Its a sad but true fact that such huge disparities exist in our current society..

p.s : I think, u shld start taging ur blogs into "humour", "serious" etc etc or else you would run the risk of being tagged "Funny/sarcastic" by readers

U No Hoo said...

Thanks to all for taking out time to respond..

Sunpish, I would have been surprised if you would not have read it the way I had written :) So this does not come as a surprise.