March 22, 2008

Searching for GOD

I have a reputation (rather am infamous) for being an atheist, among my family members and relatives. I earned this reputation by expressing my disliking for temples and idol/photo worship. Not that I attempt to stop my family doing it, but I do not go to temples. Even if I go, it is like going to any other place rather than going to pray to GOD. On the other hand, my mom and brother goes to temple daily, and dad once every week. Initially, mom used to frequently ask me to go to temple and fear GOD, and I kept on insisting that I do not feel the presence of GOD in any temple. Now, both have stopped - mom's pleas and my arguments against it!

The latest temple has come up near my residence. I think it is a Balaji temple. More importantly, the temple is at a place where there used to be a waste dumpyard. But suddenly people are donating lot of money for the temple. I hear that they are converting the stone idol into gold. Of course it requires money. And it is being funded by "GOD-fearing" and "GOD-loving" people.

Apologies for being so sarcastic. To my mind, any search for GOD towards a particular place is so very futile. And when there are opportunities given to people to help genuine causes, most refuses or gives something to do away with the person asking. Why can't people be more considerate towards genuine causes rather than temples and such unproductive purposes? Why don't people realize that service to mankind is service to GOD? Why can't they be more generous in helping people? How do they justify their actions? Or is it simply that they do not think much about these things?

GOD is so much around us. Sit at a quite place and listen to a Jagjit Singh ghazal, you will feel GOD. See a baby smiling and playing with itself, you will see GOD. Meet a school teacher working selflessly for children in a small village, you will meet GOD. GOD does not want you to make a gold idol for HIM. Then why do we fool ourselves?

I approached many people over the last few days for a cause that needed to be complete. Some of the people, the way they responded both in terms of giving money and showing interest, really pleased and motivated me. There was surely a presence of GOD in them. I would always prefer spending time with them rather than going to a temple, everytime given a choice. I am cent percent sure that GOD will always be with such people having noble thoughts and great intentions. Though, not very sure about HE being with people who only visit temples and calls themselves lovers of GOD. May GOD bless them and give them sense! :) Again, the sarcastic me..


Anonymous said...

hello sir
i agree with you completely.even i never go to temples and dont believe in idol worship i think its sheer waste of time.

take care
keep smiling

sumi said...

well not much of an idol worshipper;but i do feel that if we beleive GOD is everywhere then we might as well find HIM in an "idol"...
sure i dont agree with the idea that u neglect basic shelter for the needy n erect temples instead...
but then if u go by the business sense of it;it does provide temporary employment to many people!!!:))
Not that i am religious ;just that if certain people do believe in idol worship,i just dont oppose and on the other hand i dont fail to contribute my bit to the social issues also...

joamoo said...

"search for GOD towards a particular place is so very futile"........what i think in this sense is.....we cant have a universal comment for all.let me explain my point.
1) I agree with whatever u r saying like working towards a genuine cause etc.
2)if we go back and trace the origin of temples, we can see that Temples are created NOT TO WORSHIP GOD. the very purpose of temple is- u come together at a certain place where there is MANTROCHCHAAR. we can take it as incantation. The precise frequencies with which it is done has a great effect on your body, mind.
3) If you have experienced it, u will definitely agree.
4)Agreed that if u dedicate urself towards a noble cause, u wont even remember god.
5)What i want to stress here is that the purpose of temple is excellent. But because we have commercialised everything we are showing off the things.
6)I dont like people donating Gold and all to temples.....95% of the times its mere display of their own wealth.
7) The very purpose of temples is getting defeated.
......its all about perception. I know some of my friends doing social work through RSS visiting temples regularly. The temples they visit are most of the times in lonely areas.....what they say is that The environment in the temples gives them LOT of energy to carry their work ahead....they say Idols are SHRADDHASTHAN. We all believe in a certain entity. idols are worshipped not because it has to be so...but keeping it as ur guru...ur PRERANA....people get new life everyday.
There is another side now.
many people donate huge amount of money to associations helping a noble social cause. But then some of them are doing just because they have to be in good books.
It should be so thatif u r doing ur work whole heartedly u need not go and search for GOD.
We have got great examples with us. BABA AMTE....did the best he could do....I would like to mention here Jt Commissioner Mumbai- V. Radha.....she is doing wonderful job for BMC.( I guess many are not aware of what she is doing)....Finally....i dont think worshipping is waste or temples are waste...only if they are taking u ahead in ur cause. If u r only worshipping god and doing nothing for the mankind....ummm cant say much, U have already said a lot!!!

U No Hoo said...

Totally agree with you guys, Smit and Akshay... The crux of my post is indeed that idol/temple worship and using funds for that does not necessarily lead you anywhere. My post is targeted towards people who only use their resources for temples and not more productive causes. I have met people who explains why he needs IT expemtion for giving funds for a school work I am involved in, but can give few thousands for a temple! That, to my mind, is just not done.

Diviya said...

Why don't people just take a moment to spend sometime in a quiet little bubble instead of getting jostled in a noisy, crowded place? If its some peace and quiet, why call it a god? The need for a god continues to baffle me even as I continue to envy those with faith.

That said, its easier to donate money to the temple and consider oneself absolved of all sins than it is to contribute meaningfully to society, isn't it?

U No Hoo said...

Seriously thinking of starting a temple myself!

Veekay said...

Very well written article..too good.I myself have observed one thing very peculiar to my India...Kuch chiz aur bike na bike, religion always sells here..Pardon my crude words, but religion has become a commodity nowadays, where some people mint money out of other's fears & faith..I really think that having faith is not wrong, to each one his own;just that commercialising God means demeaning your own faith.
Our Bhagwad Gita says that God is Soul & Soul is God. Help a troubled soul (including your own) & that is the best way to reach God (the eternal truth-Sanatan Dharma)
Sorry, if I sound too sermonious..Got carried away :)

Someone, u no ;) said...

Count me in...

S Krishna said...

Hi sir. This is Krishnakumar. I have started reading articles of your blog. I think spirituality is something which should come within your heart. I agree to your views. To be frank with u sir i visits temples. Not all temples. My old and favourite temple, i always visit is Titwala Ganpati temple u also know it. I am sentimentally attached to it. I stayed at titwala for last 17 years and i have seen u once in our campus. I still remember that. Frankly sir my prayers will never belong to myself. Yes i prayed for my CA results. My prayers is always general. I still remember sir once u said, first of all we should always be human to everyone and then our degree ...... I never ever engage in deep prayers. I hardly have prayers for 5 min a day. Thank u sir.
Take care sir,

supriya said...

Hello sir even i do agree that one should do something for a good cause instead of donating in money terms. Yes even donating money is required but one should also be good to the people around u which is more important than anything else.
I have even seen some people who donates lots of money to a temple and says no money to the people who are very close to him/her and who genuinely needs money. Isn't it a cruel attempt?
Even my parents criticises me for this thought but can't help it.