February 25, 2008

Out of my comfort zone!

Relaxed & happy - yes, that is what I'm these days... After months of ordeal and stress, feeling good these days. Decision to quit something that was going well, with the attached money and fame, was a tough one I must admit - but surely worth it given how I am feeling for the last few days. It is a mixed emotion including relief, excitement, fear, satisfaction and few more I guess.

Spending time reading a lot, and happy to do that. Other than that, sleeping, watching movies & cricket makes up most of my time.

I have also started to do something for which I took the decision to quit from an activity which took up almost all my time. May GOD give me the ability and sense to keep doing it for the rest of my life.

The next few months are going to be real exciting stuff, something that was missing in my life. Wanted to move out of my comfort zone, picking the line from Steve Waugh's autobiography.

As I had posted earlier - happiness, here I come!


Veekay said...

Wow, ur idyllic life sounds really wonderful..Keep the gud thing going!

joamoo said...

It is really the thing which a person like U should do instead of the JOB kind of a thing. ur plans after 30 are fantabulous......God is always behind such great intentions....and great intentions will be there from great people like u...

U No Hoo said...

Thanks, who is this but! :(