January 2, 2008

A new beginning

A new year, filled with hopes and dreams is already underway.. I have started off with some soul-searching and by clearing up the cobwebs in my mind. Preparing for what will surely turn out to be a fantastic year, full of joy and excitement. I can sense it, feel it.. literally can see it.

No New Year resolutions yet, but have started off with a simple thought - make the most of each day! Sounds simple, but it is not. I want to go to sleep happy everyday and looking forward to the next day. GOD bless me :)

Got this fantastic New Year message from my boss - Sir Edmund Hillary on failing to conquer Everest twice said.. I will be back. As a mountain, you cannot grow. As a human being, I can!

Brilliant way to put things in perspective. Off to a brilliant year.. Happiness, here I come. Indeed, today is the first day of the rest of my life...

Have a rocking 2008!

Keep smiling :)


Amrita Nair said...


I hope too that u have a great year ahead.....

enjoy...b happy...


Veekay said...

Gud post...Very Positive way to start the New Year! Hope I can be as positive in this year too..

Anonymous said...

hello sir,
i always like what u write. i have mentioned this before also that u r an amazing writer. i am regular reader of your blog and i like it irrespective of the topic.but i must say that the blog-tare zameen par has touched me a lot.pls keep writing.
wishing u and your family happy and prosperous 2008.
Take care and keep SMILING:-)