June 19, 2012

Adi n doudou

adi is very fond of dogs which mks us friends with every dog owner on r street. paa has bot a little brown fur dog(a toy) for adi,hw adi loves it..... sm hw adi has named it doudou. so doudou bathes with adi thrice a day in bath tub. so far doudou has nt complained but looks at me with pleading eyes saying i hv bathed enough to last a life time. by nw doudou is ragged but hw adi loves him. even neighbors n guests r introduced to doudou lovingly :) a neighbor has a pet dog, the moment adi sees her, he calls her doudou...... acc to adi all dogs n their owners hv a universal name : doudou

adi n disney : nw adi has joined billions of disney kiddie fans. diligently he watches disney cartoons ... like mickey, donald, pluto, mermaid, simba, nala...... list goes on..... adi calls them all : diji ie disney :)

adi n strawberry : no one on this planet optimizes strwbery as much as adi, he loves this fruit. hence he has strwbery milk, strwbery soap, strwbry toothpaste, strwbery curd, strwbry pillow...... n god save me if adi spots strwbery in super mkt coz he wants to tear the pckt rite away n eat them all....

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