December 10, 2007

Back with a bang!

Yes, the title is about me - back with a bang after about 4 months. Why this break? Well, what else do you expect from a lazy dumbo like me! :)

As the year is closing in towards the end, lots of random thoughts eating me up. Hate to say this, but a good number of my 2007 resolutions have to be carried forward to the next year. Hopefully, 2008 would be a much better year. Oh God, that same, old HOPE thingie remains...

To be fair, 2007 has been decent for me personally and professionally. ING has treated me well and am happy to be here, though a tad dissatisfied for not having done better. As they say, there is always a scope for improvement! But then, there should always be something to look for tomorrow and on that front, I've lots to look forward to.

The most frequently asked question to me this year has been 'So, when are you getting married?'! Gosh, that thought scares me. Not at all gung-ho about getting married... Before you start presuming that something's wrong in me ;) , lemme clarify that's not the case. :) There are more than one reasons why I believe I will be happier remaining single than married. More so, for the eventual girl if and when I get married. Few of my good friends got married this year. And by traditional parameters of the right age for getting married, they say I am more than eligible! Want to run away to Mars...

So will 2008 be more eventful than 2007? Will US head into a recession eventually? Or may be stagflation will show its ugly face? Will Abhi-Ash remain happily married? With a baby?? Will Sachin Tendulkar retire on a high? Will he have to be shown the door?? Will Sensex touch 25k? 30k?? 50k??? Will I get married? Happily?? I have no answers to any of these questions...but one thing's for sure - I will turn a year older and complete the silver jubilee of my life. Should I be happy or sad? :)

Lots of traveling over the next few days. Off to Delhi tomorrow and then to Hyderabad next week.

Sometime soon, the most precious thing in this world would be SILENCE.. sheer tranquility.

Take care and keep smiling :)
U No Hoo


neha said...

though this have not any end
but 1 thing
it is comedy
i mean to say style of writting all this matter

for reading it gives
continuously little smile on face

really it is good for reading

reena said...

Marriage as a concept is being grossly misunderstood by the society. Its indeed an overhyped concept. Though we believe that change is the only thing which is constant in this universe, we still have not changed our old, narrow-minded outlook towards marriage. "Marriage" being a sacred concept is being belittled by considering age as a qulalifying ground for getting married. It is ultimately a persons mental acceptability about the idea of marriage that counts.